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Daniel Patterson Principal Designer

“When designing a building one must first understand the cultural impact the structure will have on the lives of the occupants and surroundings, how the building will be used and its purpose. Without this understanding the building has no soul.”

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Arcforms  philosophy, is focused on design that is both innovative and intelligent.

Collectively we are passionate about creating a built form that is harmonious with the landscape and sympathetic to the surroundings and the extended environment, as well as being reflective of the particular client’s personality and lifestyle. A new building should virtually appear to grow out of the site and integrate seamlessly into the landscape . Below are a few projects illustrating how we apply our thinking.

Arcforms design process undertakes in-depth site research to identify all relevant aspects to be factored into the design.

The personal profile and desires of our clients are carefully considered for inspiration in the structural design process. This ensures success in creating the ultimate living space.

From a domestic perspective, the approach to our clients’ new homes and renovations is to capture the identity, origins and lifestyle of the client so as to craft a living space that is ideal for them in every respect, for the present and long term.

A unique, intelligent, innovative and tailor made design that inspires into the future is the underlying philosophy of every ARCFORMS project.

Some of the projects recognised for design excellence are listed below.


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