Project Collaborators

Design.   Daniel Patterson

Builder.  TBA

Consultants. Eco Acoustic, Optimum Geotech engineering

Planning Law. Brendan Foley- Thomson Geer

Project Status.  Planning


A yacht club is a safe harbour for sailors, a place to replenish supplies and enjoy social interactions with other like-minded community members. A place to tell swashbuckling tales of high sea adventures and compare notes on yacht racing tactics.  The tired old 1952 premises was the product of local architects  Hargraves, Ochiltree and Moran following their visit to Sydney for a Walter Gropius lecture. The building had served the club well for 70yrs but had been slowly deteriorating in the hostile conditions of the location and was in need of updating and expansion to meet the needs of the contemporary club and the modernising community.

With only external stairs and no elevator there was limited access and the proposed additions and renovations remedy these shortfalls, lifting the facility to modern present-day standards and expectations.

The form of the new centralised enclosed stairs are inspired by the popped collar of a sailors wet weather gear, lifted to protect from the chill of the ocean breeze providing a comforting protected and safe entry to the clubhouse.  Proposed to be wrapped in copper in reflection of traditional nautical materials used to protect vessels from unwanted damaging marine growth, the new entry node will be resiliant to the rigorous challenge the environment poses.

The proposed enclosed upper floor terrace follows the horizontal mid-century architectural grammar of the original clubhouse, while providing a contemporary asset for the club members to enjoy the river views and environment while respecting the acoustic requirements of the neighbouring residential precinct.

The northern entry is a reflection of the southern enclosed stairs entry providing greater protection from the elements and a more contemporary entry statement.  The introduction of northern glazing will provide much needed northern light and provides a new sun-bathed entry walkway past the historical club Pool Table.

The club trophies and memorabilia have been relocated to a centralized display integrating the clubs heritage with the daily function of the bar and saloon activities, strengthening a sense of place and belonging through connecting the present with the rich 117yr club history.