Project Collaborators

Design.   Daniel Patterson

Builder.  Minniti and Son (under construction)

Planning Law. Brendan Foley (Thomson Geer)

Landscaping. Tim Davies Landscaping

Consultants. Forth Consulting

The Story

The site

The site is situated on the southern bank of Lake Monger facing north with a front row view to the lake. The topography rises 3.8m in elevation from the road to the rear boundary.  Redevelopment of the street has been constant in recent years and new contemporary streetscape aesthetic is emerging.

 Historical Context  


The indigenous people of this land the Whadjuk Noongar tell the story of the lands creation through their Dreamtime stories.  Galup, the traditional name for Lake Monger translates to “place of fires”, a traditional camping and hunting ground.  The Dreamtime creation story for Galup is the lake is the location where the creation serpent the Waugal emerged from the earth and re-entered to carve a subterranean channel to the river (swan River).

The proposed residence features a rising spiral staircase in the entry foyer of the home reflective of the Waugal rising from the ground in creating the lake.

Art Deco.

In the 1920’s recreational gentrification began with the introduction of a boathouse, bath houses, Jetties, yacht club and Kiosk along the western and southern shores of the lake.   The sleek and dynamic forms of the Art Deco period have been adopted in the proposed roof forms, glazing projections and building edges.  The outdoor entertaining areas take inspiration from European art deco cafes and restaurants.


Italian Heritage

The Clients family heritage traces back to Calabrian region of Italy.  A rugged coastal region in the south – the toe of the boot. The region is scattered with ancient fortifications and stone ruins, roman baths and century outposts.  The proposal for the outdoor entertaining areas incorporating the pool and spa area takes influences from this Italian region.  As part of the Amalfi coast, Calabria is represented in the design of the proposed poolside entertaining area.

From the other side of the Family,  heritage is traced back to Ceraso, a small hamlet in Santa Barbara on the lower west coast of Italy.

Ceraso in Italian means “Cherry Tree” and the region is known for cherries.  Some of the proposed residence interiors take inspiration from this connection.

Site context influence.

The slightly wedged shape site expands its width as it presents closer to the lakes shore, broadening the scope of view to the lake and public recreational grounds.  Positioned on the lakes edge all be it with a duel carriageway road between,  the design seeks to invite the lake and park grounds into the proposed residence and merge the new home with the lake context.  An extension of the lots side boundaries out to where they meet the waters edge identified a soft undulating line which has been extracted and incorporated into the roof form for the residence. The upper (3rd) floor roof form adds to this concept as an overlapping wave/ripple upon that shoreline.

Galup, the Indigenous name for the lake and surrounding land,  means “Place of Fires” or “Home Fires” and was a location where first nations people would meet to hunt and gather food.  It was a meeting place for family groups.  The notion of fires as a central aspect to gathering in family groups has been incorporated into the residence with the inclusion of fire places in the indoor and outdoor living spaces where the family and guests will gather, socialise and celebrate important milestones and events.

The Town of Cambridge and Wembley in particular prides itself on being a garden suburb with leafy green tree lined streets.  The property also forms part of the urban edge to the recreational parklands around the lake.  With these aspects in mind and a desire to contribute positively to the urban green canopy the proposed residence incorporates large roof top gardens which reduce urban heat sink effects and provide some further thermal resistance to the heat gain through the summer months.  These roof gardens are a welcomed relief from large expansive metal roof areas common in built up suburban areas.  The outlook form the upper floor across the roof gardens see’s the lake parklands merge with the roof gardens extending the perceived garden space to the waters edge.